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  1. Thanks a lot for the info. We are indeed talking about a single PBX (with a standby). At present our client's CEO has a UNIFY telephone at his home. That connects over a site-to-site VPN. Post-COVID, they anticipate more remote working so would like a dozen or so colleagues to have a similar set up (they already use SWYXIT). Although we can preconfigure a VPN router for each home, the challenge here is relying on these users to set up their WAN connections. When I noticed that section in the release notes, I thought we may have a solution. The client site doesn't currently use an SBC - the SWYX server sits in a DMZ with connections from SIP providers published (reverse-proxied) through the firewall. Not too concerned about auto-provisioning due to the small numbers, but looks complicated however we decide to tackle it.
  2. Hi all, In the release notes for version Swyxware12: In addition, the certified Yealink end devices, which have recently become part of the Swyx product portfolio, are optimally supported. For example, employees in the home office can be securely integrated into their company's communications environment without having to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Yealink telephones can also be integrated into the corporate network via port authentication according to IEEE 802.1x. Swyx thus offers an authentication method for the highest security requirements.” Anyone know how to set this up? Neither the SWYX Admin Guide nor KB area has any info. Many thanks.
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