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  1. Hello, We have a problem in our Swyx Server that results in an incident to stop all services on a random time every couple of weeks. We get a call from end users that all telephones are down, "Telephony Down" error. When we try to access SwyxWare, we get error indicating that account password has expired! checking "SwyxServiceAccount" user is set to password never expires. We try to restart Swyx Services, the service SwyxConfigDataStore fails to start with the following error: "SwyxConfigDataStore service could not be started" checking the dependency for this service, "SQL Express" service is started and working fine. The only thing works to fix the above issue is the workaround to repair SwyxWare installation completely and reinstall services. This problem has been for 1 year, and every time it happens we have very limited time to bring services up and running, so we do a quick repair, but the problem has never been solved and we have no idea how to identify it. Please let's know if you have any ideas to troubleshoot that. Your support is much appreciated. Thank you
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