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  1. Has anyone found a way to receive agent status/presence notification events rather than constantly query the server? I'm wanting to build the information into a dashboard. thanks
  2. Hi David, Thanks for your suggestion. We actually added this functionality into our Swyx reporting Software. We capture any DTMF selections and store this in our database and cross reference it against the CDR information. We can then accurately report on any multi-level DTMF menus via an interactive report. let me know if you would like a demo! Nev
  3. Hi Aaron, did you come up with a solution to this? thanks
  4. Hi Everyone. I'm trying to look at ways to report on DTMF choice. The idea being that we can run a report to see who has pressed 1 for sales 2 for support etc. for a routing user. My plan was to use the project number field in the CDR as I've never seen this in use. The problem I'm having is that there isn't a PBXCall.ProjectNumber option in the API to allow me to update this record based on a DTMF selection. Swyx mentioned they would look to add this in (around 9 years ago) but we are still waiting. My other option is to write this separately into another table then cross reference with the CDR information using the CallID but doesn't anyone have any other suggestions? thanks
  5. Hi Sepple, I have sent you a private message. thanks
  6. Hi Stewart, for this to work you need to switch off the option to automatically record all calls on the trunk. Then you would configure a user to initiate call recording and also stop call recording via DTMF commands. Whether you hear the DTMF or not depends on the direction of call and type of lines. The downside about this is that it is subject to the user/agent initiating the call recording each time they answer the call. I will send you a private message with a possible option but involves a third party tool. thanks Nev
  7. Thanks Tom, whilst it isn't 100% fool proof it may give us a work around for the time being. As always your suggestion is very much appreciated. Regards, Neville
  8. Does anyone know if it is possible to differentiate between a Swyx user than has been disabled and a call routing user when querying Swyx via the config data store SDK? Thanks Neville
  9. neville

    Swyx 2015 Cdr

    I have a question for anyone using Swyx 2015. We have been reviewing the CDR text files in conjunction with a call reporting tool. The call reporting tool classifies any calls where the "PublicAccessPrefix" is not null as being an outbound call. We have noticed on one system that uses Gamma SIP trunks that this is populated on some inbound calls. All other systems we have reviewed both on SIP and ISDN do not experience this behaviour so we are unsure if this is a problem or not. The Swyx CDR specification does not clarify what is the expected behaviour so i was wondering if anyone knew? thanks Nev
  10. OK Tom thanks. Do you know if there are any others not covered by the current documentation?
  11. Thanks Tom, but what i need to know is why Swyx is producing undocumented disconnect reasons rather than the cause of the reason. Are there any other undocumented outputs we may come across in the CDR's? Nev
  12. Hi Tom, the disconnect reason SubstituteNumberDenied does not appear in the 2013 documentation and comes from a 2015 CDR.
  13. Does anyone know if there is any recent documentation on the CDR output from Swyx 2015? we are seeing some disconnect reasons that are new so wanted to see if there were any other additions. thanks
  14. Welcome to Swyx Forum :-)

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