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  1. Silooy

    Change LastCallID

    Hello, A couple of years ago I wanted to increaste the callid of Swyx. The value that i changed was "SELECT LastCallID FROM Globalconfig" and that worked perfect. Now i want to use it once more on a Swyxware 2015 server. But when i change "SELECT LastCallID FROM Globalconfig" to a high numer for exameple 50000 the callid wont change. It will still be what it originally was. Does anyone know if the place where the callid is stored has been changed? Kind regards, Ronny
  2. Hi, Not a bad idea, thanks. To all others, you are all right. I should not complain here about Swyx.
  3. Hello Swyx, Are you trying to make it dificult for your resellers to manage different servers? We are managing a lot of hosted Swyxservers. And i know that it is not possible to manage Swyxware 2011 with Swyx administration 2015. But now with Swyx 2015 R3.2 And you use Swyxware 2015 R2 you can still sign in but you cant manage ECR. It says you do not have enough rights to do so. So I install 2015 R3.2 administration to manage Swyx 2015 R3.2 servers. But that you cant connect to Swyx 2015 R2. What is up with that? Please help And please dont tell me to just upgrade all servers to 2015 R3.2 because that is no small task for just managing te servers.
  4. Hello, Does anyone have any information about when the new Swyx app will be released? The one with Remote Connector. According to the documentation (December 2014) It allready exists (See attachment)
  5. Hello, I think the only way is to transfer before the caller hangs up.
  6. Hello, I am trying to set up Swyx Remote Connector. I opened up ports 1901 and 16203, Unfortunately this way Swyxit will nog log on. When i also open port 9094 Swyxit will logon. But that way The Administration tool is also public available for all. Am i not seeing something here? I hope someone can help me with this.
  7. Hello, Anyone experiencing problems with Windows 10 and Swyxit 2015? The only isue i found so far is that there is no pop-up balloon anymore in the right bottom corner. Settings in Swyx are on. Anyone knows how to solve this?
  8. Version 1.1


    Hello, This should be a lot better then the last one I uploaded. - It has a total of 6 lines - A total of 60 speeddials - Some changes has been made for the volume slider and the options for choosing headphones/phone/speaker (see images in attachment)
  9. Yeah, it's not perfect at all. Needed a lot of lines fast. Thougt i'd share it. Will be making a new one which should be a lot better.
  10. Version 1.0


    This is a modified skin of the original SwyxIt! 2015 [5x] skin. - It has a total of 13 lines. - A total of 50 speeddials. - Some options like hide number has been moved to the first tab.
  11. Hello, I have a customer with the following setup: Swyxware 2011 R2 8.01.0684 (Not sure what QF) L615 with latest firmware Swyxit 2011 R2 8.02.0994 The problem is when a second call is incomming normally you would have a signalling peep. So you know that there is a second call. But with this customer the peep is nog playing. I checked the swyxit settings and the setting "enable acoustig second call signaling" is enabled. To make sure i created a new user but that didn't help. You can see the second call in Swyxit but you just dont head the acoustic signaling. Maybe I should just install a new QuickFix if possible and restart the server. But maybe I am overlooking something? Thanks Silooy
  12. Hello, Does anyone know of this is still alive somwhere? http://archive-swyx-forum.com/community/Forums/tabid/54/forumid/26/threadid/15225/scope/posts/Default.aspx#.VK76ACuG9WY It's about the speeddial application. Does anyone maybe have a new download link for it? Thank you.
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