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  1. DanS

    Conference Lines

    The Conference user on Swyx Administration is online yes, I have tried multiple times to shutdown and start up the conference service which drops the user offline then online again, however nothing. If the issue is what you say it is what's the easiest way to solve that? Thanks,
  2. DanS

    Conference Lines

    Hi Pete, I did a test and looked at the log files, seems to be okay there however I checked the Traces folder for every time I restarted the conference manager and this appeared quite a few times in it. 19 10:18:41.519 0021c8 *Err MSRtp 050862B0 00100001 SRtpUdp::WriteData Write error on data port: Socket closed or invalid port=56006 In regards to if the error has occured always or sometimes, before the end of the year they were working absolutely fine. Come back to the office and now they're not fine. I'm not familiar enough with Swyx to know what you mean by SwyxConnect 8080, is there an easy way to check? Thanks Dan
  3. DanS

    Conference Lines

    I have seen that there is a new update on the Swyx Website, could an update solve the issue possibly?
  4. DanS

    Conference Lines

    Hi Pete, Thank you for getting back to me! We use a different method for doing call routing - (the system was set up before I joined the company I currently work for.) Basically we dial a different number and our clients dial an external number which calls a call routing user who then drops the user in the conference room once they've entered a pin. The Swyx version we're using I think is 10.30.2155.0 If you're referring to phones as end devices we use YeaLink SIP-T41P's. We don't use pins on the conference numbers themselves however on the call routing users that I mentioned before. I have tried calling directly in with my mobile and the same issue occours. Nothing has been changed in the call routing scripts or any other settings, this just happened randomly. Thanks a lot, hope this is enough info! Dan
  5. DanS

    Conference Lines

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with the conference lines on our Swyx System, a few weeks ago they were working fine and you could dial in and you would get the holding music and the whole 'you're the only user in this conference message'. The Swyx Server hasn't been touched and someone tried to join one of the conference rooms and when you dial in nothing happens. This happens on all of our conference numbers. I have tried restarting the system multiple times and also restarting conferencemgr.exe multiple times as well. Is there an easy fix for this?
  6. DanS

    Swyx Backup Restore

    Tom, Thanks for the suggestion, the backup worked, however I've run into another issue now. I have all the routing users back which all have call routing scripts on them, previously before these users were deleted these worked fine, now i've run the backup the routing numbers connect and run the script but once they need to dial another number like an extension they just drop the call. The Conference rooms for example there's a separate internal number which is used for connecting us and an external number into a conference room, this room needs a pin and once the pin is entered correctly it just drops. Any idea why it might be doing that? Many Thanks
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