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  1. Another small question: How can i end a call with the (in german) "Belegt Zeichen" - in englisch busy tone? When i´m calling at the moment and another call comes in, i want to send the busy tone to the caller, so he knows i´m in the house and he can try it later again. Simply connect the busy-output from my "connect-to-block" with "Regel ausgeführt" - "rule executed"?
  2. So swyxit mobile client is the android app? There you need internet connection vor voip call, right? This has nothing to do with a real mobile phone without any swyx app? I don´t have (and don´t want) any swyx app on my phone. Thanks for your help, that is exactly what i was looking for. I tried this earlier, but i got a warning and so i removed it without any further testing. See the attached screenshot.
  3. Hi, how can i set up a parallel call in call routing manager? I only know "follow me", but there my desktop phone stops ringing and only my smartphone rings after a while. "include swyxit! mobile devices" (in german: swyxit! Mobil-Geräte berücksichtigen) doesn´t work - no mobile phone is ringing. No idea, if i have set up my smartphone correctly? Where do i have to do this inside swyx? I want to have only my desktop phone ringing, when i´m on my desk (when i´m green inside swyx). When i´m yellow, i want to have my desktop-phone and my smartphone in parallelcall - so both devices should be ringing at the same time, no sequential ringing ---> i want parallel ringing. Parallel Call in general is working, but then my mobile phone is ringing every time i get a call, even i´m sitting on my desk.
  4. Hallo, kann mir vielleicht jemand verraten, wie ich so eine Regel erstelle und wie ich sie dann in den Global Scope hochlade? Wir haben SwyxWare 2015 R3 im Einsatz. Den IpPBX File Explorer habe ich bereits installiert und ich kann auch die Scopes anschauen. Der Global Scope ist z.B. komplett leer. Muss ich jetzt einfach unter einem User eine Regel erstellen, welche Anrufe von der Nummer xxx ins Nirvana schickt und diese dann in den Global Scope schieben? Wie geht das genau? Kann mir vielleicht jemand so eine Regel schicken, die ich dann nur noch anpassen/erweitern muss?
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