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  1. Hi, i am having problems where SwyxIt is not saving my headset setting. when going to the audio setting within SwyxIt, I select the headset option, change the audio device to me my Jadra headset, click ok to save the setting, but when I got back into the audio setting my changes didn't save and the headset doesn't work. i have upgrade the SwyxIt to the newest version for 2015 and still get the same problem. i have also used the USB cleaner tool and uninstalled SwyxIt, removed the register entire. Reinstalled SwyxIt and reconnected the headset and still get the same issues. after doing all this, I installed Skype on the computer to test the headset and it works fine for Skype. has anyone got any idea what the issues could be? And how to fix it i have also spoken to swyx support and keep on getting told that it's a pc issues and not swyx issues but the headset work fine with any other application.
  2. Hi, i am having issues when someone listen to a voicemail, we don't hear the message but we only hear the time of calls, the number that called but no message. The end users gets the voicemail email without any issues, it just we can not listen the to voicemail via remote inquiry. When looking at the traces log for imap4, we see the following Discard fetch response, can not interpret data. current email date: 0.0.0 0:0, this is something i have not seen before. has anyone come across this issues? Regards Mitesh
  3. Hi, am having problems where a swyx phone system where DTMF tones are not working, When i run a wireshark does not see any of the DTMF tones being press. I believe something on the swyx server it not to see DTMF, I have tested thing from a swyx handset and swyxit and wireshark isn't displaying the user is press any buttom. This issues is effect all users, anyone know what could be stopping this? Mitesh
  4. Hi There I am having problems with the Swyx mobile app 2015, when someone call a group it doesn't not display the group name that has been call, it only display caller ID on the swyx mobile app 2015, what need to be done to make it display the group name that has been called? Also when we have look at the phone book on the Swyx mobile app 2015 we do not see any of the Groups ext's but can see all these on swyxit phone book.
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