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#19: We are many

Tom Wellige



Yesterday I was asked an intersting call routing question: is it possible to route a call to different groups, depending on the amount of users currently logged in into one of those groups?


More precisely: if in Group A are more than one users logged in, route all incoming calls to this group. If there is no or just one user logged in, route the call to Group B.


So the question that needs be answered is how many users are currently logged in into a given group?


With a little bit of scripting code this can be answered quickly.


The Server Script API (VBS/Lua) provides a function PBXConfig.GetUserByAddress (VBS/Lua) which can be used to enumerate all users of a group. Per user a set of properties is available:


  • UserID
  • Name
  • EMailAddress
  • State
  • Numbers
  • NumberOfNewVoicemails



The State property is the current state of this user. This is a numeric property and can hold any of the following values:


  • User state not available
    UserStateUnavailable = 0
  • User is logged off
    UserStateLoggedOff = 1
  • User is logged on
    UserStateLoggedOn = 2
  • User is speaking, at least one call has an external origination or destination
    UserStateSpeakingExternal = 3
  • A call is currently alerting at one of the user's devices
    UserStateAlerting = 4
  • User is speaking, none of the calls has an external origination or destination
    UserStateSpeakingInternal = 5
  • User is away (since SwyxWare 2011)
    UserStateAway = 6
  • User has do not disturb status (since SwyxWare 2011)
    UserStateDoNotDisturb = 7
  • Busy indication from external presence source (e.g. MS Teams) (since SwyxWare 13)
    UserStateActive3rdParty = 8



Any number above 1 indicates that the user is logged on (regardless if he is free, busy, away, etc.).


So what is needed to do is to count all users in the group who have a State value above 1


The following is a simple function that sums all such users up and returns the sum.




' NumberOfLoggedInUsersInGroup
' Returns the number of users which are currently logged in into the given group.
' The users need to have a higher status as "1", i.e. being logged in (regardless if free or busy).
' Parameter:
'      sGroup      name or number of group
' return value:
'      integer     number of logged in users
Function NumberOfLoggedInUsersInGroup ( sGroup )

    PBXScript.OutputTrace("-------------> NumberOfLoggedInUsersInGroup ( sGroup = " & sGroup & " )")

    Dim nReturn
    nReturn = 0

    Dim Users
    Set Users = g_PBXConfig.GetUserByAddress(sGroup)
    Dim User
    For Each User In Users
        PBXScript.OutputTrace("Found user " & User.Name & " with current state " & User.State)

        If User.State > 1 Then nReturn = nReturn + 1

    NumberOfLoggedInUsersInGroup = nReturn

    PBXScript.OutputTrace("nReturn = " & nReturn)
    PBXScript.OutputTrace("<------------- NumberOfLoggedInUsersInGroup")    

End Function




-- NumberOfLoggedInUsersInGroup
-- Returns the number of users which are currently logged in into the given group.
-- The users need to have a higher status as "1", i.e. being logged in (regardless if free or busy).
-- Parameter:
--      sNumber     uname or number of group
-- Return:
--      integer     number of logged in users
function NumberOfLoggedInUsersInGroup( sGroup )
    PBXScript.OutputTrace ("-------------> NumberOfLoggedInUsersInGroup ( sGroup = " .. sGroup .. " )")

    local nReturn = 0
    local oUsers  = nil

    oUsers = PBXScript.GetUserByAddress(sGroup)
    if (oUsers ~= nil) then

        for i = 1, #oUsers do

            PBXScript.OutputTrace ("Found user '" .. oUsers[i]:Name() .. "' with current state '" .. oUsers[i]:State() .. "'")
            if (oUsers[i]:State() > 1) then nReturn = nReturn + 1


    PBXScript.OutputTrace ("nReturn = " .. tostring(nReturn))
    PBXScript.OutputTrace ("<------------- NumberOfLoggedInUsersInGroup")

    return bReturn



With placing this code into the Start block of a GSE script (as explained here (VBS) or here (Lua)) it is possible to use an Evaluate block to define a simple condition for routing the calls like needed:


  • NumberOfLoggedInUsersInGroup("Group A") > 1



The entire GSE script could then look like this:








The above given function is also part of the Function Collection here on the forum page:






PS: don't miss to take a look into the ECR Useful Link Collection.





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